Although Balcones is obviously a highly efficient, well-oiled machine, there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that force us to think on our feet and make last minute adjustments. Three years ago, in the middle of a blue corn cook, we realized we were out of enzymes. In a moment that can only be described as divine inspiration, we grabbed some of our Golden Promise malted barley to provide its diastatic power and complete the starch conversion needed for fermentation. Since we had already deviated from our usual recipe, we decided to have a little fun and threw in a variety of specialty rye samples we had lying around to unintentionally create our first ever multi-grain mashbill.

The result of this accidental experiment yielded us two very unique and delicious barrels of Texas whisky, each being distinct and of exceptional character. Our distillers Jared and Zack took ownership of each barrel separately and have nurtured them slowly for the last three years, choosing a different combination of cooperage tailored to their personal liking. We have preserved the whiskies as single barrels, and at cask strength, so that you may try both side by side and experience the differences an individual cask can impart upon the spirit. Our distillers have prepared the following tasting notes for each barrel:

“J” Cask 2618 67.3% ABV

Nose: sweet mild leather, candied almonds, maple syrup, vanilla, orange zest, fruitcake, wood varnish

Palate: Boston baked beans, orange creamsicle, tobacco/leather, molasses

Finish: long and round with acidity, cinnamon stick, char, pecan shell, Crème brûlée

“Zee” Cask 13096 64.4% ABV

Nose: clove, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, French vanilla, black tea, stewed apples, hoisin sauce

Palate: molasses, bitter orange peel, cola, fruitcake

Finish: big woody dryness before easing up on the long spice fade


There are very limited quantities available and all purchases are first come, first serve only. These whiskies are one-of-a-kind and will likely never been seen again, so arrive early to guarantee yours. Each customer is allowed purchase of up to one (1) each of these two very special whiskies, for a total of two (2) bottles. Due to state law, if you have purchased bottles at the distillery on or after February 9, 2017, you are ineligible to make any more liquor purchases from us until 30 days after your last purchase.

Our gift shop opens at 1pm on Saturday, March 11th. We expect this to sell out fast, so arrive early to secure yours. Valid 21+ ID required. No concessions will be made for out of stock products.